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  • Choosing and Living With Synthetic Turf: Tips for Dog Owners

    28 June 2016

    Synthetic turf keeps your grass green and vibrant all year round, without wasting any water. However, if you have a dog, there may be a few special things you should keep in mind when selecting and living with your synthetic turf. Consider these tips: 1. Choose turf with durable blades. If your dog likes to run, you want to ensure he doesn't wear a path in the turf. To that end, choose synthetic turf with durable blades.

  • Quick Tips for Choosing Quality Building Supplies for a Home Project

    13 June 2016

    When it comes to renovating your home in any way, you want to ensure you invest in quality building supplies. This means supplies that will last for years and those that are designed for the work at hand. Many homeowners make the mistake of skimping on the supplies they buy, meaning just purchasing the cheapest materials they can find, and often regret it down the road. Note a few quick tips for choosing quality building supplies for a home project and why it's so important.

  • How To Colour Match Sand and Mortar When Repairing Patio Brickwork Pointing

    20 May 2016

    As time passes, the ground beneath your land can move and settle, and this can cause the mortar between the paving slabs or bricks on your patio to crack. If you enjoy DIY, this is a simple repair job, but the results can look less than perfect if the new mortar colour doesn't match the old. Here's how to colour match sand and cement mixes so that your repairs blend in seamlessly.

  • Some Terms to Understand When Choosing Soil and Dirt

    21 April 2016

    If you want to grow a healthy garden or have lush landscaping, you need to consider the type of soil or dirt on your property. Soil varieties may look alike to you, but these are often composed of many different ingredients, all of which affect how well things grow. It can be good to till the area of your property in which you'll be planting and add in some healthy soil and dirt or other additives, but it's also good to know what to look for in the right type of soil or additive.