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Simple Cleaning Steps for Your Ornamental Wrought Iron Balustrades

by Martin Williamson

One of the best ways to add a touch of class to your home would be to invest in decorative balustrades. These balustrades can be installed anywhere around the home. Whether you need them to be used as barriers on your balcony, staircase, decking or anything else that you have in mind, you are sure to find ornamental balustrades to suit the purpose. One of the more popular materials you could consider are ornamental wrought iron balustrades.

However, it should be noted that these types of balustrades tend to be a tad more expensive than ordinary railings. For that reason, you have to ensure that you take proper care of them so that your investment does not go down the drain. The first step to ensuring that they have a longer shelf life would be to clean them in the right manner. Here are the simple steps to follow when you are cleaning your decorative railings.

Start the cleaning process with some fresh water

Get a couple of buckets and fill them with clean water. The water should be cold or lukewarm. Once you have the water, you can then fetch a clean soft cloth. Use the soft cloth to wipe down the ornamental wrought iron balustrades. This wiping down will ensure that you remove any loose dirt, dust or debris that may be on the railings. It is prudent to eliminate the loose, surface dirt so as to prevent it from being spread on the balustrades during the cleaning process. This is why washing them off with clean water is an essential step.

Soap the balustrades

Once the ornamental wrought iron balustrades have been wiped down, you should then fetch some liquid soap or some dish detergent. Put some of the liquid soap into one of the buckets of water and leave one bucket with clean water. Fetch a soft synthetic brush and dip it in the bucket with soapy water. Gently scrub the decorative railings with the synthetic brush. Each time you clean one section, ensure that you rinse the brush in the clean water bucket then proceed to brushing a different area of the balustrades. Never use a hard brush on your wrought iron balustrades as you could scratch their surface finish and make them susceptible to corrosion. 

Rinse of the balustrades

Once you are one brushing the ornamental wrought iron balustrades, spray clean water on them as you wipe them down. Ensure all the soap has been rinsed off before leaving them to dry. This is because remnants of soap will end up tarnishing the appearance of the wrought iron.   

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