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4 Signs You Need To Update Your Hi-Vis Workwear

by Martin Williamson

If you work in the construction industry, there's a good chance that you're required to wear high-visibility clothing. This is because high-visibility clothing makes it easier for others to see you at night and in poor weather conditions.

Despite how important it is to have the right safety equipment, many people don't realise that their hi-vis clothing is past its prime until they are forced to replace it. Here are four signs that you need to update your hi-vis workwear:

1. Your Hi-Vis Workwear Is No Longer Bright Enough 

The main purpose of hi-vis clothing is to make workers more visible in low light conditions. But if the color of your workwear has faded over time, it won't be as effective at keeping you safe. A dull glow will not be nearly as noticeable as a bright one.

If you're wearing hi-vis workwear that isn't bright enough, it's a safety hazard. The brighter the clothing, the more visible it is to other drivers and pedestrians. This makes it easier to spot people who are working on the road or in construction zones and helps prevent accidents.

2. Your Hi-Visibility Clothing Isn't Reflective

The reflective stripes on your high-visibility clothing help to make you more visible to others at night or in low-light conditions. If these stripes are starting to wear off or disappear completely from your clothing then it's time to replace them immediately.

Reflective strips can also become cracked after repeated washes, which diminishes the reflective properties of your clothing.

3. Your Hi-Vis Workwear Doesn't Fit Anymore

Workwear should fit comfortably so you can move around easily while you're working. If your clothing is too tight or loose, it can be dangerous as it could restrict your movement and cause accidents. Workwear that is too loose can get caught on machinery or tools, which could cause serious injury. It's important to ensure your hi-vis workwear fits correctly and is comfortable before starting a job.

4. Your Hi Vis Clothing Isn't Breathable

Your workwear should be comfortable and breathable so that you don't get overheated during the day or while working in warm conditions outside. If your hi-vis isn't breathable enough, then it's not going to keep you cool enough during hot days on the job site. This could lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion, which can be dangerous. The last thing you want is to feel like you're going to pass out while working with heavy machinery or tools, so make sure your hi-vis clothing is breathable enough for the job! 

If you need to update your workwear, contact a workwear supplier in your area.