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4 Modern And Classy Ways To Spruce Up Your Windows

by Martin Williamson

Over the years, numerous window dressing styles have swung in and out of fashion, and currently, there are many ways to make your window look good. However, it can all get confusing due to the plentiful options. And it can also get boring if you're used to the same styles. So, to change all that, check out some modern options that might just bring the style back to your windows.


Shutters have been around for many decades. However, they are one option that never goes out of style. They are the perfect mix of classy and modern. In fact, shutters today are a hot item and properties with them enjoy the novelty value associated with shutters. When it comes to function, shutters allow one to regulate light, air, and privacy by adjusting the louvres to the required angle. They can also be folded away to open the windows fully.


Blinds are another great way to dress up windows. They are purely a modern trend and are still largely unique because not many people have them in their homes. In fact, they can be considered a high-end dressing option. Their greatest advantages are that they are simple to use and that they offer lots of variety. For starters, there are roller blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, and vertical blinds, all offering different style appeals. Blinds are also available in different materials, colours, and patterns to suit any style.

Adhesive films

Window adhesive films are a fairly new concept. Previously, window films have been used for other applications such as anti-graffiti, anti-shatter, and branding. Now, the same simple technology is being used as a simple way to dress windows. Through print, the films are customised to give off a frosted, stained or patterned design on your window. The adhesives are then easily attached to the glass. Each unique design you choose allows you to regulate light and privacy to a degree.

Window mesh

You can also try out window meshes. Initially, window meshes hit the market as a simple solution to keep dust and insects out of homes while the window is open. However, they are slowly evolving into a potentially bonafide window dressing alternative. They are easily attached to windows using magnets and can be replaced easily. Today they are available in different colours for design variety.  Not only do window meshes keep dust and insects out of your home, they also regulate privacy and light while letting the breeze into your home.

Remodelling, building a new home or preparing your house for sale? Try out the above window dressing options and make your property stand out from the crowd. For more information, contact a business such as Townsville Blinds & Awnings.