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Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a New Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

by Martin Williamson

A pressure washer can be a great piece of equipment for your commercial facility; in an auto repair shop, they can be used for washing down greasy tools and parts and also for washing cars before you return them, a courtesy that many customers appreciate. In a production facility, you can use them to wash down floors and walkways so they're safe and free of debris and oil slicks and also to wash down production equipment, forklifts, commercial vehicles and the like. When you're ready to buy a pressure washer for commercial use, note a few important factors to consider and some mistakes to avoid, so you know you get the right model for your needs.

Not getting diesel

A petrol-powered engine will be stronger and offer more pressure than one that runs on electricity, but a diesel motor will be the strongest and usually what you need for commercial applications. A power washer that runs on standard petrol may not offer the pressure you need to remove thick grease and oil that builds up on automotive tools or to remove oils spills and stains on concrete and asphalt. Even though the diesel model may be more expensive, it's worth the investment if it means the power you need for cleaning the parts and equipment found at most commercial facilities.

Not getting an adjustable thermostat

Being able to control the temperature of the water in the pressure washer is vital, as you may need very hot water to cut through thick grease and other solvents. However, water that is too hot may damage the body of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as parts under their hood. Always choose a power washer with an adjustable thermostat for maximum control and protection of everything you'll be cleaning.

Getting too small of a burner fuel tank

Your diesel-powered pressure washer won't work for big jobs if you don't invest in a large burner fuel tank. This is the tank that holds the fuel used to heat water; if you choose a very small tank, the hot water may not last long enough to wash several vehicles in your fleet or a whole rack of tools. Opt for the largest tank you can afford or that will heat water long enough for the standard jobs you'll need done around your facility, rather than choosing a smaller tank just to save on money or space for the washer itself.

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