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Do You Need Help to Plan a New Town?

by Martin Williamson

What makes a great town? When you think of areas where you have lived or worked, what features come to mind as defining the town? You might think of a town as little more than homes and businesses, but there is much more to it than that. Town planning consultants know that to be successful, you must create a place where people enjoy their lives and that caters to all of their needs. People are not simply machines that exist to travel from home to their business and back again.

What does a town need?

Every town or large property development needs a mix of different types of properties. Successful towns are built on communities, and it takes all types of people to create a functioning community. To support a thriving community, you must encourage businesses to move in, so you must have suitably sized shop units available for them to use. People will want opportunities to relax and mingle, so you must think about including town squares, local parks, and other open spaces during your town planning. Finally, consider what roads will be needed to support the community. Think about how wide the roads should be and what routes you expect traffic to take. How will cars and trucks interact with public transport? These are all areas that town planning must consider, and if you are engaged in any aspect of town planning, it can help to bring in someone who has the experience to guide your decision-making processes.

Drawing up your plans

Town planning can be extremely complex. You must maximise the use of available land without overcrowding the design. Town planning also often involves engaging with the existing community. In most cases, there will already be people living on the site or near to it. To avoid antagonising existing residents, you must consult with them, and take any suggestions that they make. Engaging with residents from the beginning can avoid serious challenges occurring when your proposals reach the planning authorities.

Submitting your plans

A town planning consultant can determine whether your plans are viable and whether they are a good fit for your area. Once the plans have been finalised, the town planning consultant will draw up the master plans and submit them to the planning commission. They will then guide the application through all the stages until permission to build is granted and the construction company can get to work.