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  • A Few Tips for Safely Docking Your Boat

    7 March 2017

    Pulling your boat into a dock may be a bit more complicated than you realise; of course, you need to be careful that you don't hit the dock, but you also need to be close enough to step off the boat safely. You may also be fighting a current or high winds when on the water. To ensure you manage this very important part of boating safely and easily, note a few tips for getting your boat to the dock.

  • Three Line-Marking Paints for Your Commercial Road Surfaces

    7 February 2017

    Proper surface markings are essential for order and organisation, particularly in large commercial properties. In simple terms, the lines will provide information on the right flow of traffic, appropriate parking spaces and even pedestrian crossing. If you are thinking about upgrading the line markings in your property, it is important to select the right paint materials for application. This will determine the longevity of the markings and the cost of your project.