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  • What You Should Know Before Painting Tiles

    15 May 2017

    Are you considering painting the floor tiles inside your home? Read on and discover some important tips that you should have in mind as you implement that home improvement project. Know Which Floors to Paint While most ceramic tiles can be painted, not all rooms are suitable for painted tiles. For example, you should avoid painting the floor tiles in the rooms where moisture exposure is common, such as the bathroom.

  • Vital Benefits of Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance

    1 May 2017

    Despite how integral air conditioning tends to be, some homeowners do not consider scheduled professional maintenance as they assume it is simply an additional cost to their household expenses. Thus, you will find that professional assistance is only called upon once the air conditioning system starts to sputter and decline. The reality is that paying for a professional tune-up will provide you with a host of advantages, making it a worthwhile investment for your system as well as your home.

  • Don't Make These Mistakes When Buying a New Pressure Washer for Commercial Use

    5 April 2017

    A pressure washer can be a great piece of equipment for your commercial facility; in an auto repair shop, they can be used for washing down greasy tools and parts and also for washing cars before you return them, a courtesy that many customers appreciate. In a production facility, you can use them to wash down floors and walkways so they're safe and free of debris and oil slicks and also to wash down production equipment, forklifts, commercial vehicles and the like.

  • When to Schedule a Fire Inspection for Your Building

    17 March 2017

    If you own a commercial building, it will probably need to go through an annual fire inspection as required by law. However, there may be times when it's good to actually schedule such an inspection rather than wait for the city fire inspector to make his or her own appointment. Note when you might schedule an additional fire inspection and how this can help ensure the safety of your property and personnel.

  • Industrial Power Equipment: Three Considerations for Switchroom Selection

    16 March 2017

    Switchrooms are essential structures in numerous industrial worksites because they provide protection to expensive and critical electrical power equipment. Therefore, if you are planning on acquiring a switchroom for the first time or upgrading your current set-up, you should acquire the right professional group for assistance. In ideal circumstances, a switchroom construction service provider should provide guidance from the planning, design and modelling stages. This will help you ensure that the fabricated switchroom matches your exact requirements.

  • Hiring a Strata Manager: 3 Common Contract Mistakes

    15 March 2017

    If your strata community has recently agreed to hire a strata manager, you will want to make sure you get the best person for the job. Below is a guide to 3 common mistakes which people make when negotiating a new contract with a strata manager. Granting the power to delegate responsibilities  One of the primary reasons for hiring a strata manager is so you can be sure that there is a responsible person in charge of carrying out the daily tasks required to maintain the properties within the community.

  • Understanding Anodes and Variables in Boating Tendencies

    15 March 2017

    When using boats in water, there is one hungry guest called corrosion. It can eat away your hull, motors and other parts of the boat, necessitating costly repairs and replacements. The good thing is that you can use sacrificial metals like aluminium, magnesium and zinc to protect the important and expensive components of the boat. You should note that these sacrificial metals bring different qualities to the table, leading to some variations in the way they protect the metallic parts of your boat.